Sacred Flux

My name is Eric. As a child, I spent more time around nature than I did with people. Not because I wanted to, it was just because we lived in a very small town with less than 700 people. Like so many lightworkers, my gift was discovered very early in life. My mother would have these terrible migraines. No matter what she did, medication just simply wouldn’t touch the pain. I came to her and said, “let me take it away.” I would place my hands on my mother’s head and leave it there. With time, it would go away. At first, she was a little surprised. Of course, as a child, I didn’t understand that I wasn’t really “taking it away” but that didn’t really matter much for the result. Keep in mind that I was probably around 6 years old or younger at this time. I didn’t have a concept of what Reiki was, nor ever heard of energy healing.

Before I became a practitioner (literally the week before) I asked my mother a simple question. “Who told that you should try letting me place my hands on your head to relieve your migraines?” Surely someone would have suggested this to her. There’s no way that this was something that could have just popped up in my adolescent brain and I just knew about it. She looked at me and said, “No one told. You just put your hands on my head and took it away.” It was at that moment that a lot of my life began to make sense in a spiritual sense.

If anything, I was a skeptic. Not in a sense that I doubt Reiki works, it absolutely does! My greatest problem is that I was trying to break it down and intellectualize this practice. I wanted to know EXACTLY how this (and much other spiritual healing) worked. Then the realization hit me. My purpose as a practitioner is to step out of the way and let Reiki do the work. I am merely a conduit for the energy. Once I realized this, my life began changing for the better. Not just as it related to my Reiki practice, but in all aspects of life. I am happy to be on this path and would love to share the gift of Reiki with all of you.